CAHNR Ambassadors

With our leadership, we challenge ourselves to develop our professionalism and resiliency through commitment and action and connect our own  future to the greater good.

CAHNR Ambassadors promote and serve the College in its sustained history fulfilling the University’s land-grant status, as well as its continuing advancement of human, animal, and environmental health and well-bring through the applied sciences.

The College Ambassador program is housed in the Associate Dean's Office (Academic Programs), and has a mission founded on three pillars: leadership, recruitment, and service. Students in the program receive hands-on leadership experience through recruitment and other activities in service to the college.

The 2023-2024 CAHNR Ambassadors

Group of students seated outside an academic building.


student tour guides at open house

Ambassadors help recruit prospective students to UConn through activities such as:

  • High school visits and career fairs
  • UConn Storrs Open Houses
  • Regional campus Open Houses
  • Phone calls to prospective student
  • Tours for high school visits

Ambassadors also help recruit current UConn students to the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources:


student studies the leaves of potato crops to check for damage

Ambassadors serve as the face of the College/University to various audiences, such as:

  • Prospective students
  • Current students
  • Prospective and current families
  • Faculty
  • Alumni
  • The local community

Ambassadors also participate in community service activities to give back to their community. Past events have included:

  • Community gardening
  • Feeding Children Everywhere packaging
  • Special Olympics volunteers
  • Decorating the Governor's House for the Holidays

Current CAHNR Ambassadors

Kaila Lujambio Rios, Allied Health Sciences

Omoladunnandi Battles, Animal Science

Julianna Bosco, Animal Science

Hannah Brewer, Animal Science

Madelyn Engel, Applied & Resource Economics

Karina Cangas, Applied & Resource Economics

Andy Zhang, Environmental Sciences

Sydney Seldon, Environmental Sciences

Amanda Stowe, Environmental Sciences

Paige Booth, Environmental Sciences

Kyra Johnson, Exercise Science

Jillian Bowen, Pathobiology

Reese Nguyen, Pathobiology

Fatma Gazeyoglu, Pathobiology

Daria Rolle, Pathobiology