Campus Change Process

Students can transfer from a regional campus to the Storrs campus if they have:

  • Achieved 24 or more credits at the regional campus
    • NOTE: Some CAHNR majors require students to be at Storrs by the start of a student's 2nd year
  • Completed a campus change form from the student services office at their regional campus by the appropriate deadline
  • Attended the campus change meeting at their regional campus

Students should work with their advisor to plan out subsequent semester course loads and decide when a change of campus is warranted. Students may take courses at any campus: Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, Storrs, and Waterbury. However, students must be registered for the majority of their credits at their home campus. The home campus is the campus to which the student was admitted unless an authorized campus change has taken place. If a student is enrolled in coursework across two campuses evenly, the student can choose their home campus. Regional campus students interested in campus changing to Storrs should see the student services office on their campus for information regarding Storrs’ on-campus housing deadlines and other important deadlines.